B-Floor is Thailand's vanguard physical theatre company. For over 10 years, B-Floor has been at the forefront of creating highly visual theatre combining movement and multimedia elements, and stimulating social and political awareness. B-Floor has not only enjoyed success in Thailand but has also impressed international audiences in the United States, France, Denmark, Egypt, India, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan.

B-Floor's performances are developed through a process of creative collaboration known as Devised Theatre. B-Floor's plays often involve little or no script, focusing instead on highly visual and sensory storytelling that can communicate across borders of language and culture.

During improvisational "theatre labs," B-Floor experiments with the expressive abilities of the human body using Grotowski, Butoh, Viewpoints, and Laban movement techniques, as well as contemporary dance, mime, masks, gymnastics and martial arts. B-Floor further emphasizes incorporating other elements of theatre creation - such as objects, lights, sound, puppets and film - to create the play's narrative.

B-Floor's productions strive to raise social awareness by communicating personal experiences and inner struggles, and the points of view of suppressed ideas, people and events.


1999 - B-Floor is founded by Teerawat Mulvilai, Jarunun Phantachat, Sineenadh  Keitprapai, Tawit Keitprapai, Sumontha Suanpholrat, Bandit Kaewwanna, Wanlop Saengjoy, Farida Jiraphan, Kwanchai Thongraya, Nutthorn Tanyong, Piluthanee Jarayaphan, Pruksa Roongsang, and Tanakorn Tharadhrama

2001 - Medusa- Life without Snakes is performed at the Thailand Cultural Center, and tours internationally to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland, (receiving a 4 star review from The Scotsman), and the Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre, Egypt.

2002 - Artist Residency with the Alliance Française of Bangkok, during which Crying Century is created and performed.

2004 - Artist Residency with the Alliance Française of Bangkok, during which Eclipse is created and performed. B-Floor is selected to represent Thailand in the Thailand-Japan Performance Exchange Project with OM-2 from Japan. B-Floor performs in collaboration with the International WOW Company, at the Performing Ethnicity International Conference and Arts Festival in New York, USA.

2005 - Open the door I: Korea – Thailand Workshop Performance Project "In" Collaboration between Theatre Nottle from South Korea and B-Floor Theatre, made possible by a grant from Arts Network Asia.

2006 - The Edge, The Lost Girl is performed at the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival. Teerawat Mulvilai is selected to be an Artist in Residence at the Taipei Artists Village, where he creates and performs GODa Gardener.

2008 - The Bangkok Theatre Network awards GODa Gardener first place in the category of "Socially Conscious Theatre," and Semi-Happiness, a play co-directed by Jarunun Phantachat of B-Floor Theatre and Nikorn Saetang of Theatre 8x8, second place in the same category at the 2008 Bangkok Theatre Festival.

2009 - B-Floor debuts the directorial work of Dujdao Vadhanapakorn and Nana Dakin. Teerawat Mulvilai receives an Asian Cultural Council Fellowship to pursue research and training in NYC, USA. GODa Gardener is performed at the Seoul Fringe Festival and is hailed by The Nation as "one of the best plays of the decade." Ornanong Thaisriwong is awarded Best Performer by the Bangkok Theatre Festival and praised for her "knockout performances" by The Nation. The Bangkok Post, The Nation and distinguished critics highlight Sandanka, Begin Again and Displacement as top stage productions of the year.

2010 - B-Floor is selected by Hideki Noda, a renowned Japanese thespian and director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, to perform Flu-O-Less-Sense at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space. B-Floor is invited to restage Crying Century at the French-Thai Theatre Festival at the Alliance Française of Bangkok. Vanranyoo Intarakumhang debuts his directorial work, Starman at the Silapa Nanaphan (Diverse Arts) Festival at the Pridi Banomyong Institute.