1 Teerawat Mulvilai (Kage)

Artistic Director and Co-Founder of B-Floor Theatre, Teerawat Mulvilai is a versatile physical performer with training in diverse movement techniques such as Butoh, Top Ma Pab (Northern Thai Martial Arts), Viewpoints, and modern dance. Hailed by The Bangkok Post as "One of the most politically and socially conscious directors today," Teerawat has directed and performed in many critically acclaimed works, most notably; Space O Dizzy, Flu-O-Less-Sense, San-Dan-Ka, The Other Land, GODa Gardener, Shatter Room No.0, Eclipse, Crying Century, The Edge and Well... Hitler Stole My Pink Piggy Bank. Teerawat's artistic excellence in contemporary theatre work has led him to work with various artists and perform in Denmark, France, Japan, USA, Scotland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Korea and Taiwan. In 2009 Teerawat was awarded an Asian Cultural Council Fellowship to pursue research, training, and creative programs in the United States.

2 Jarunun Phantachat (Jaa)

As Co- Artistic Director and Founder of B-Floor Theatre, Jarunun has worked as an actress, playwright, director and producer. Her diverse performance training includes modern dance, Laban, Butoh and Viewpoints. She has acted in numerous B-Floor productions including Space O Dizzy, Starman, Bangkok Molecules, Displacement, San-Dan-Ka, Shatter Room No.0, Venus's Party, Eclipse, Crying Century, The Edge, Well…Hitler Stole My Pink Piggy Doll , and Medah. She has also continuously performed with other Thai and international theatre companies in Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea and the USA. She has been praised as "one of the best stage actresses in the country" by The Nation. Besides being a dynamic physical performer, Jarunun has also distinguished herself as a director and playwright, as well as a producer for several international collaborative projects between Thailand and Japan, Indonesia, and the USA.

3 Dujdao Vadhanapakorn (Dao)

Dujdao is a multifaceted performance artist with training in contemporary dance, Butoh, Laban, Viewpoints, and an M.A in Dance Movement Psychotherapy from Goldsmiths University of London. Dujdao joined B-Floor in 2002 as a performer in Crying Century. Since then she has performed in many B-Floor productions, most recently; Taste of Curry, Starman, Flu-O-Less-Sense, Bangkok Molecules, Displacement, Begin Again, and San-Dan-Ka. Dujdao has also performed internationally in Singapore, Japan, Korea and the UK, and has worked as a TV show host for various Thai television programs. In 2009 Dujdao directed her debut work Something Else: An Experiential Performance with B-Floor and since then has gone on to direct numerous other performances independently, such as 1+1=1, Grey Area, Left Out: A Body Talk from Inside, and Unremembered Memory.

4 Varanyoo Intrakumhang (Ball)

Varanyoo joined B-Floor in 2002 as an actor in Crying Century.  Since then he has performed in numerous B-Floor productions, including Flu-O-Less-Sense, Bangkok Molecules, Something Else, San Dan Ka, The Other Land, Eclipse, The Edge;The Lost Girl, and Venus Party (2003). Varanyoo has performed internationally in Japan and has also worked with other Thai theatre companies and directors, most notably in Nophand Boonyai's Sunflower and Grisana Punpeng's Run. In 2010 he directed his debut work, Starman, with B-Floor. Varanyoo graduated from the faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, Thammasat University.  He is a writer and columnist for a men's magazine.

5 Ornanong Thaisriwong (Golf)

Ornanong is a graduate from the faculty of Sociology and Anthropology, Thammasat University. She began working in theatre in 1999 and joined B-Floor in 2002 after seeing Crying Century. She has performed with B-Floor in Taste of Curry, Space O Dizzy, Starman, Flu-O-Less-Sense, Bangkok Molecules, Something Else, The Edge; The Lost Girl and Crying Century (restaged in 2010 at the Alliance Francaise). She has also performed with B-Floor in international performance festivals in Singapore and Japan, and worked as a producer and project manager for various B-Floor projects. In 2009 Ornanong won the Bangkok Theatre Festival award for Best Performer in her role as "Mali," in the collaborative Thailand-Japan Sao-Chao-Na project. The Nation also praised her for being a "true chameleon" for her role in Nophand Boonyai's Sunflower. She has been featured in several TV commercials, and most recently was invited to perform a solo piece for the Primitive Nude Exhibition at Lubid Studio.

6 Nana Dakin

Nana joined B-Floor Theatre as an assistant director for The Other Land in 2008. Prior to moving to Bangkok in 2007, Nana earned her Liberal Arts degree from Sarah Lawrence College (New York), and worked with several NYC theater companies and directors. Her directorial debut, PASSING, was performed at the WOW Cafe Theater in NYC in 2006. In 2009 she worked as an assistant director for San-Dan-Ka and Something Else, and later that year directed Begin Again, which was ranked in the top 5 theatre productions of 2009 by the Bangkok Post. She is trained in directing, dramaturgy, Viewpoints, Theatre of the Oppressed techniques, and West African dance. She has performed with B-Floor in Taste of Curry, Space O Dizzy, Starman, Flu-O-Less-Sense, Bangkok Molecules, and Crying Century (restaged in 2010 at the Alliance Francaise).

7 Sasapin Siriwanij (Pupe)

Sasapin began acting in 2005 while studying at Chulalongkorn University, where she received her M.A and B.A in English Literature. Her first contact with B-Floor came when she joined B-Fest: Physical Theatre Weeks 2008, later becoming a full-fledged member in 2009. Her performance credits with B-Floor include Taste of Curry, Space O Dizzy, Starman, Flu-O-Less-Sense, Crying Century (restaged in 2010 at the Alliance Francaise), Bangkok Molecules, Slow Forrest, Begin Again, and Shatter Room No.O. Besides performing as a physical theatre actress, Sasapin has also performed in other types of productions including musicals, children's theater, Shakespeare, and special events. She has also been featured in TV commercials and as a TV program host.

8 Sarut Komalittipong

Sarut graduated with a B.A in Dramatic Arts from Chulalongkorn University. His first role with B-Floor was in 2008 in The Other Land. He went on to perform in two other B-Floor productions, San-Dan-Ka and Begin Again, before joining B-Floor as a full member in 2009. Since then he has performed in Space O Dizzy, Starman, Flu-O-Less-Sense, Crying Century (restaged in 2010 at the Alliance Francaise), and Bangkok Molecules. In addition to his performance work with B-Floor, Sarut has performed with Butoh Coop Thailand and worked as a lighting technician for B-Floor and several other Thai theatre companies such as Makhampom Studio and Life Theatre.