This is not politics

'This is not politics' is a performance about a mysterious crime in an almost bankrupt resort located in the West. 6 close friends to the death are suspected.
Just like the other mysterious cases, the more you seek, the more traces disappeared. In every minute of the show, the truth is fading away.
This is not politics is an interactive performance that will invite audience to shape the outcome of the story. The show premiered in 2015 at Democrazy studio. And the only reason why we bring it back is why not.

Performance Dates
20th September - 1st October 2017 (No performance on Monday and Tuesday)
19:30 at Studio 4th floor, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (bacc)
Thai performance: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
English performance: Thursday and Saturday
Ticket prices
- Early bird: 480 THB (Booking with full payment by 15th August 2017)
- Active audience: 550 THB (Advance transfer 500 THB)
- Observing audience: 750 THB
(Please provide your name, contact no., date of performance and number of seats requested)
- 082 692 6228
For more information
Call : 094-494-5104
E-mail :